Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weeknight Family Fun

Who says you have to wait for Fridays or the weekend for a family fun night. That's right, nobody. The holiday leftovers are surely long gone by now. How about grilled cheese sandwiches, small salad and some chips on the side for dinner tonight?

Wait a minute, can't leave out something sweet and ice cream is a perfect pick. Before leaving the office today, call home and ask the kids what flavors they would like you to pick up at the grocery store. There are lots of buy-one-get-one-free and 2-fer deals at the stores these days. Grab ice cream cones too.

You might be wondering why I would suggest chips and ice cream with childhood obesity and Type II Diabetes on the rise. I hear ya, but I believe in "moderation" with anything and not making certain foods so taboo. Plus, everybody can work it off after dinner by playing video on the Wii player or charades. Now that's family fun!

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