Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunshine and the Electric Bill

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Hey everybody, the helpful tips just keep on coming even on the holiday weekend;-) The temperatures are on the rise pretty much everywhere. It's nice to start the morning by letting sunshine into the house by opening the blinds. The houseplants will love it. To keep the electric bill from rises too high and the A/C running overtime, close the window blinds down just a bit in the heat of the day where the sunshine can warm the house. As the evening sets, open the blinds wider and let in natural light.

According to the electric company recommendations, setting the thermostat at 78 during the summer months will save on the electric bill. A two-story home might need to be set a few degrees down on the thermostat  since it's generally warmer upstairs and harder to cool.


  1. Ahh, I love a good, happy spot of yellow sunshine. Here's to a bright weekend;-)

    1. Thank you and I do too. A good find to go along with this sunny post;-) Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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