Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spreading ourselves too thin

Jennifer Lopez

Happy Hump Day! The news that Jennifer Lopez might be leaving "American Idol" as one of the judges is all the buzz this afternoon. Check out the full story on MSN. She has been on the show for two years and has not yet signed on for a third. There was talk that she's holding out for more money, but J.Lo is quoted as saying "she's too busy." I bet she is with twin boys, the show and summer concert tour with Enrique Iglesias has to consume a lot of time.

OK so many of us may not have the intense schedule that Jennifer Lopez has or any celebrity for that matter, but our lives can be pretty busy. With work, family, chores, shopping and so much more, we can spread ourselves too thin. A freelance writer or consultant can be on-the-go a lot meeting with clients and looking for assignments.

Of course, the more work generated definitely brings in the dollars. But keep in mind that the quality of your work is most important and will ensure that clients stick with you. Spreading ourselves too thin with many commitments can show in the work delivered to the client. We all know that recommendations from others helps a business grow and increases the workflow. Be realistic with your schedule for quality assurance.


  1. Enrique and Jlo together.. HOT as fire tsss haha:)
    I follow you on twitter and I hope you follow me back:)
    have an awesome weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

    1. Hi Maria, that will be one smokin' hot concert. He's a fave. Thanks for following me on Twitter. I'll dash over and follow you too :-)