Friday, May 4, 2012

Roll out the welcome mat, it's Friday

EmoticonYep, roll it out! Are we wrapping up the items on the to-do list? I'm playing catch up after getting behind yesterday from stormy weather. The flowers loved getting wet!

It's been a wonderful week and I'm pursuing  another contributing writing freelance gig with an internet mag. I will keep everyone in-the-know when I hear if it's a go. My fingers are crossed on both hands;-)

Oh, I discovered a hip internet radio station called NuHitzRadio. They followed me on Twitter and I checked out their website. If you want to hear great music right from the laptop, NuHitzRadio brings it!


  1. It's delightfully sunny here in Europe. You have storms there? Nature is sweeping winter out with a storm perhaps;-)

    1. Sounds wonderful. We had about an hours worth of storms and good rain. Have a nice weekend;-)