Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Terrific Tuesday Tidbit

Camelia1870Good day and have I got a terrific Tuesday tidbit to share with everyone. Late last week I mentioned a writing opportunity with an online magazine. Well, I was chosen as one of the Summer 2012 contributors for OliveCocoMag. I am thrilled and appreciate the chance to expand my writing on this wonderful website. The mag asked that we write a post for the area you want to cover on the mag. I chose fitness and nutrition which are two of my favorite topics. I submitted the article via email and within hours got a reply that the post was great and was up on the website. I did a 40 yard dash over to check it out;-) You can read my post here. Take a look around OliveCocoMag which features entertainment, fashion, beauty, romance, fitness & nutrition and more. Isn't this tidbit Terrific!

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