Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tweak exercising as temps rise

Workout The temperatures are on the rise as the summer months are about to kick into gear. There are just a couple of days left in the month of May and it's been pretty hot in lots of places including Atlanta.

It may be time to tweak your exercise routine especially for those walking or running outdoors. If you work from home, starting a half hour or hour earlier will help as the morning temps can begin already in the 80's. For those who arrive home from work, the evening walk is still doable with Fido who will have his/her leash ready to go. You may have to shorten the walk in the hot temperatures, but can always go back out after dinner when it's a bit cooler.

Here's another exercise tidbit ->When traveling by car for a weekend getaway, take the dumbbells along for a quick workout of the arms. Do a few sets right in the hotel room or guest room at your family or friend's house. It's a quiet way to stay in shape without disturbing others. Plus, those shapely arms will look fabulous down at the beach or night out on the town.

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