Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bird sanctuary in the backyard

Good Thursday evening, there's a slight breeze felt coming in from the open window as I type this post. It's been a busy day and I wonder how I get anything done looking out the window at the birds that have made my backyard their sanctuary. The chirps in the evening are just as beautiful as morning.

The 6 o'clock hour has approached and it seems to be feeding time. The mourning doves, wrens, cardinals,  chickadees, and yes those black crows are are all flying in to feast on seeds in the feeder and tossed in the yard. Plus, day old bread from the local bread store is there. The buy-one-get-one-free deals are a saver. The birds know just where to peck to find the goods.

Birds are a beautiful part of nature and I marvel at the varieties that visit my backyard each day without fail. I see bird feeders when driving around hanging on the trees or hook at someone's house. I'm glad they found my backyard and made it their own sanctuary.


  1. Aren't they a delight to watch...I can do so all day!

    1. Hello, they sure are and wonder how I get any work done looking out the door at them :)