Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Pop In

EmoticonJust popping in to check on my blog and say hello to everybody who visited today. The day is still young so hopefully more will visit. As always, thanks so much. So what's up? It's a nice day in the ATL and the forecast calls for the temperatures to rise over the next few days. My mom lives in Arizona and it's blazing hot there with temps reaching 106 on most days.

One thing my mom keeps saying is that the humidity is low so it doesn't feel quite so bad, really. The humidity in Atlanta can make a hot day even more unbearable. For now, spring feels sweet!

My new Contributing writing work is coming along nicely over on the online magazine, OliveCocoMag. I have a new post that went up today titled "Exercise Plan When Working from Home" ~read it here. I'm getting into a nice groove and eager to share my passions in another venue.

By the way, did anyone order takeout for Hump Day dinner tonight? Now that would be cool;-)

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