Tuesday, May 8, 2012

African-American collection up for auction

This is a fascinating yet heartbreaking story. Due to filing bankruptcy, the collector of African-American artifacts will lose the entire collection at auction. He goes by the nickname 'Magnificent Montague' and says it has been hard to keep up with the collection because it's so massive. A museum of African-American history should bid on this collection so that visitors, schools, teachers, and parents can enjoy all the historical artifacts the collector has amassed. Check out the full story on CNN. It definitely needs to come out of the storage boxes for all to see. Magnificent indeed!


  1. It would be a pity to lose that collection. It definitely belongs in a museum. Other ethnic groups band together and set up institutions, organizations, trusts, etcetera to preserve their culture. It would be sad if the African-American community doesn't do the same or isn't given the help it needs so they can do the same. This story needs more publicity.

    1. Hello Carmen and I agree. Hopefully, more people saw the story on CNN's website and will consider buying it at auction. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope all is well.