Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Easy Closet Organizing Tips

Of course, the closets in the house are always tops on the list for organizing. The garage comes in a close second. We tend to put off tackling an organizing project which can be daunting at times. Here are 5 easy closet organizing tips that won't take too long and will help to get you out the door for work, school or errands:

--->Fold and stack jeans by color on the shelves in the closet
--->Place your favorite belts together on a hanger for easy pick
--->Designate a shelf for tees, tanks & short-sleeved tops
--->Keep chunky bangles, hair clips and hankie scarves in small plastic bins with label of the contents
 --->Organize shoes by color on the shoe racks to grab & go

These tips are pretty simple don't you think, I hope so. An uncluttered life is much more enjoyable and less overwhelming.


  1. LOL...did you read my post today??? HAHA my readers requested a closet post...well I admit that by the time that thing gets cleaned it it'll be the year 3000.... I need to simplify my closet!

    1. No I didn't and realized I hadn't posted an organizing one in awhile. I'll dash over and check yours out. Thanks for commenting.