Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day

How fun for Record Store Day to fall on a Saturday. The weekend was always the best time to head to your favorite record store to check out the albums. We could spend a few hours walking up and down the aisles flipping through the music genres and pausing to look at the album covers.

When we moved to Atlanta, there was a great record store called "Turtles" that everyone visited to buy music. My mom bought a crate from there and we put all our vinyl albums in it. If I recall, we had two of those crates.  We love music!

There is a great story on NPR about a man who is trying to sell his record store. He has owned the store since 1962 and he's 89 years old. He has the world's largest private vinyl collection. You can read the story here.

SmileyPut the needle on the record and let the turntables spin!

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