Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Streetcar Named Desire

Here's a behind the scenes clip of the cast members in the upcoming Broadway stage play "A Streetcar Named Desire." The play will feature an all-black cast with Blair Underwood playing the role of 'Stanley'. In the original movie, Marlon Brando starred in that role and moviegoers couldn't get enough.

I'm thinking tickets sales will soar when this play hits the Broadway stage. A trip to New York to see it would be a fabulous getaway.


  1. Thanks for sharing; I would love to see this and I am actually planning to take a rip to New York very soon. If I do get a chance to see it when I go I will let you know how it was.

    1. Nice and I would love to hear about the play if you get to see it. Enjoy your trip to New York. It's a city I would like to visit one day.