Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laptop Love

This has to be the prettiest day with all the sunshine. I'm sure by now the clocks in the house have all been turned back an hour. One thing about the time change is that it will get darker earlier. I am sure many of us have been used to being out and about since it was lighter longer. Be careful now that the time has changed and maybe make some changes to running errands & stuff to beat the darkness.

I am feeling plenty of Laptop Love today. My friend came over yesterday and like I mentioned in my Friday post, we lunched at O'Charley's. We had the best time catching up. Guess what?...she brought some sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, peas & green beans from her garden. I had forgotten she had a veggie garden this summer, but glad to reap the benefits from the harvest. Plus, two frozen steaks. She drove her dad's Pontiac G6 which has a hard top retractable convertible. We put the top down in the driveway to see how it looked, but it was too cool to drive with it down. I said to my friend, "your dad is super bad" with this sporty ride, she laughed. I checked my card collection for a 'thank you' card and have one to send to my friend.

It is so nice to have a laptop at home. I appreciated being able to use the computers at the library, but only had limited time for the whole day so I really got behind. I plan to spend some time catching up on comments on my blog and visiting other blogs to see what everyone has been doing. Thanks for sticking with me!

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