Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time Change Tidbits

Here are a few quick tidbits to share along with the time change:

--->Now that we've gotten an extra hour of sleep from the time change, set the alarm clock an extra 15 minutes earlier for more morning exercise and time to prepare the brown bag lunches.
--->Be safe when out & about in the evening by parking the car near lighted areas. Plus, have the car keys  in your hand when walking towards the car so you don't have to dig in your purse to find them.
--->Make sure you are wearing clothing and walking shoes that reflect in the dark when out walking the dog. It's a good idea to get your pet a leash with reflectors too. Check Petsmart or any retailers pet section.

While online shopping has gained popularity, it won't be long before stores stay open late for the holiday shoppers to snag bargains. Stay Safe!

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