Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Electric Bill Savings

Credit: Free images from acobox.com

Yep, snow flurries are in the forecast for the Atlanta area as a cold snap is here for the next few days. I almost forgot to bring my ferns inside overnight. I've pulled out the warm hoodie to wear as I go about my day around the house. I've mentioned it before as a way to save money on the electric bill, wear an extra layer of clothing to stay warm instead of cranking up the heat. Also, don't forget to look for drafts around door seals and windows that may be letting in the cold air. A visit to the local home improvement store to buy the proper items to close off the leaks is a good idea. Before heading there, check the furnace filter to make sure it's clean and go ahead and buy another one to have on hand when it's time to change it out. I know Atlanta won't get nowhere near the snow in the photo with this blog post, but it sure is pretty. It's in Denver, Colorado where I imagine the snow scenery is simply gorgeous.


  1. It is a beautiful pic! Thank you so much for the reminders...they will certainly help with these costly utility bills. Keep warm and have a good week! Hugs

  2. There were some North Georgia counties that got a good dusting of snow :-) Every bit of energy savings helps, thanks. I like the beautiful hello on your blog today.