Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hump Day Tidbits

Good afternoon, I sure hope everyone is having a happy hump day. The midweek point is a good day to kick the to-do list up a notch and get deep into any BIG projects. I bet many of us are doing just that and making great headway. Keep it up!

Well, all the fall leaves on the front yard tree have fallen and the tree is bare. I enjoyed looking at the yellow leaves and knew the day was coming when they would all be gone. I can still admire the beauty of fall while out & about as there might be trees with plenty of colorful leaves left.

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The weather in Atlanta has been quite a mix with rain & peeks of sunshine today. Unfortunately, the sun was not shining when I came out of my hair appointment this afternoon. The student at the Cosmetology School did a wonderful job with my hair and there were swirls of curls. The student will graduate in December and she is developing a portfolio of hair styles so she took a picture of me, I was flattered. When I left, it was sprinkling a bit so she gave me a plastic cap to put over my head to dash to my car. Of course, the preferred exit for anyone who just had their hair done would have been wearing sunglasses and looking glam, right :-) I can't let this tidbit go without telling the price of my hairdo today...$8, Priceless!

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