Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Windy Wednesday

The title of this post is spot on in describing the weather in Atlanta. I keep seeing dried leaves blowing across the yard and on to the patio. We got some much-needed rain late into the evening yesterday which will help the lake levels in Georgia. Today is probably the last commute into work for lots of  people until next Monday. I remember the office would start to thin out early on the day before Thanksgiving. The student assistants who weren't going home for the holiday didn't mind working all day especially since their time sheets would be short with hours from the holiday break. I remember those days fondly in college.

As I was getting the coffee maker ready to brew, I started seeing my favorite cardinal birds perched on the fence. There were both red & brown ones and I noticed the wind blowing against their coat. I think they had been watching me while adding seeds to the bird feeder and tossing some out in the yard. Just like I have my eye out for them...they have theirs out for me.

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The Atlanta traffic starts to thicken after lunch with travelers heading out-of-town and those arriving to spend the holiday in our fine city. Welcome and enjoy your visit!


  1. What a nice post Cynthia...I'm also admiring this bird! All the Best to You! Hugs

  2. Cardinals are so pretty. Thanks for your comment :-)