Thursday, November 3, 2011

Two Fashion Trends

I'm not a fashion blogger, but was recently watching QVC and designer Susan Graver mentioned that Lace will be popular this season. She was showing one of her designs for a top with 3/4" sleeves that had lace around it. I really liked the look. Check out her designs and more on QVC.

The other fashion trend I heard about is Polka Dots...who knew...not me. Both of these trends will add a pop of style to the wardrobe closet. Work It!


  1. Whilst I post fashion images on my blog I had no idea about these trends. Polka dots have been around for ages, though. Enjoy the weekend. I'm just catching up on your posts;-)

  2. Thanks for commenting. I think the lace is feminine. It was on the Wendy Williams show wear I heard about the polka dots. The latter might be a stretch for many of us :-)