Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh the "Linsanity"


Jeremy Lin showcases playmaking ability as New York Knicks win again - Ted Keith -
Hey readers, probably didn't think I could write a post on sports did ya? My late husband was a sports writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution so I have an edge:-) Plus, I played high school basketball and came off the bench. Actually just like Jeremy Lin who was riding the bench for awhile. Now look at him, he's dynamite and hit a winning 3-pointer the other night. The New York Knicks fans can't get enough and neither can the rest of us. Let me give props to the SI writer of this story who wrote a great piece. The story also includes video highlights from last night's Knicks game against the Sacramento Kings.

Jeremy Lin has brought a spark back into the NBA especially after the long lockout. To me, the games seemed to be off to a slow start and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban even commented that the players weren't playing their best with low scoring games. I still support the hometown favorite Atlanta Hawks, but I'm also loving the "Linsanity" along with plenty of other NBA fans.


  1. I'm a football fan, but even I know about him! Sounds like a breath of fresh air for the NBA.

    1. He is definitely fresh air and fans are taking it all in. Nice to see you :-)