Saturday, February 25, 2012

All-Star Weekend

SmileyIt's a big weekend for the NBA with the 2012 All-Star Weekend in Orlando, FL. The events have kicked off and bet it's a bustling time in sunny Orlando. I need to call my brother who lives there to see if he's out and about. I remember when Atlanta hosted the weekend years ago. The event brings so many people to the city which is good for the local economy. We packed patience in the snarled traffic, it's worth it!
Here's a clip showing the Top 5 plays from yesterday's Rising Stars Challenge. The #1 play is High Flying!


  1. Love that icon...I think hubster will be watching, he's not been feeling well lately. My mom is into them too. I'm the one left out...I grew away from them a few years back. Hope you have a great time! Hugs

  2. I was glad to get that icon to go along with this post. I'm a huge basketball fan so will enjoy watching on the tellie;-) Hope your husband feels better soon.