Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day

Emoticon Hello everybody and Happy President's Day. The sun is bursting through the windows and coffee is warming the soul at my house. I bet many of people are off from work today for President's Day. I saw where some southern states got snow. At least you won't have to put on the boots to check the mail with no delivery today. We all could use a break from bills and junk, right.

So what's on tap today? With an extra day off, working on that DIY project sounds like a bet. The kids are out of school so cleaning and organizing their room is a neat thing to do together. Grab the leash and head out with the dog for a walk, it's great exercise. Enjoy an all-time favorite for lunch...the grilled cheese sandwich and my "Five-Minute Salad" ~Yum.

I know retailers are having President's Day sales and folks may be heading to the malls, but it's also a great day to learn about our President's past and present. Over on C-SPAN, there is lots of historic and current coverage from videos to books. Perfect on President's Day!

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