Monday, February 13, 2012

Rock the Day

After watching Paul McCartney's performance last night at the Grammy Awards, I'm in the mood to Rock the Day! Sir Paul and his band ended the night with a spectacular set and the audience loved it. I bet your to-do list is rockin' with "done" checks all over it;-)

Credit: Getty Images
Adele won six Grammy Awards including Album of the Year for '21'. It was good to see her perform the hit "Rolling in the Deep" especially since her successful throat surgery. Did anybody catch Adele's interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS before the Grammys? If so, the estate she is renting is beautiful and away from the paparazzi lenses. Adele admitted that the place isn't quite furnished yet due to her busy schedule. We feel ya!


  1. Rock the day! I love that phrase and will no doubt borrow it!

    1. Thanks Galen, go right ahead ;-) Have a great week!