Friday, February 10, 2012

Grammys & Tidbits

How's it going everybody? Just had my last cup of coffee, the 2nd one. I hit the ground running with writing, reading blogs, answering emails, and catching up on news stories around the web. I have about one more hour and then it's time for a break. I'm keeping the glass of water nearby to stay hydrated as the day moves along. Hope you are too!

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
It's a BIG weekend of music with the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12. On the ATL radio station yesterday, I heard Grammy nominee favorite Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." I was pulling into the gas station and didn't want to cut the car off to get out to pump the gas. So, I turned up the volume and jammed to it. I don't think the other pumping gas customers were too bothered;-) Another nominee, Bruno Mars, is up for 'Record of the Year' for his hip song "Grenade." I can't wait for the red carpet arrivals and that all important question "who are you wearing?"

Here's that Tidbit ->I know we don't care too much for pop-up ads on websites, but a quick click closes them out. Well, I was on a site the other day when the latest ad campaign for soccer star David Beckham's new line of briefs popped up and he was wearing a pair. Did you see the Super Bowl commercial? Oh, you left the room for a snack break.

Emoticon Back to that pop-up ad ->I was like "Whoa" and admit I didn't click that one off so quickly. Thank goodness for that tall glass of water nearby, TGIF!

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