Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Day @ 50%

Smiley Hi there,  hope everyone is having a Wonderful Wednesday. It's been a busy one for me and getting over the hump. How was your Valentine's Day? At the stores today, all the candy and other stuff for V-Day were priced at 50%. Not trying to temp anyone, but studies have shown that chocolate has health benefits in moderation, of course. It contains antioxidants which is good for the heart and dark chocolate is best, but can taste bitter. The dollar stores are a sure bet with items at half price makes them .$50 cents. Snag some 2-for-1 deals and fill the candy jar at work and home.

Here's a frugal and savvy tip ->If you celebrated yesterday with a meal at home, warm up the leftovers and enjoy them again tonight for dinner. The next day is usually even better, Yum!

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