Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

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Just thought I'd send a late Sunday shout out to everybody as the weekend wraps up. I sure hope it's been enjoyable. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was going to stop by my friend's yard sale on Saturday and I did. She said shoppers were brisk and she sold some things. Another lady had joined in putting some of her stuff out for sale. Her tools were a hit and one fella brought quite a bit of these huge wrenches laid out on the table. I had never seen wrenches that big :-) I snagged a bag of pine straw from my friend's yard which is full of pine trees. She gave me a rake and I went to work filling up the bag. I had to use my bare hands to pick up the pine straw needles which are prickly. But hey, it was worth a little discomfort since I needed the pine straw to freshen up an area in my backyard. The timing was perfect and saved me money from having to buy it at the garden center. All and all, the weekend has been a delight. Here's to a good night's rest so we can be ready for the world tomorrow.

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