Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organizing ->Closet Clean Out

Photo Credit: The Container Store

A good end-of-the-year organizing task is a Closet Clean Out. We all have our clothing favorites that we wear more than others and some items never leave the hanger. If that's the case, use this week while you're on vacation to donate clothes to the Goodwill, church or charity organization. Spend a day or few hours in your closet and get the donation box ready to load up. If you're skeptical about certain items, try them on to see if they still fit not only in size, but style. I think that's a fun thing to do and brings back memories of when you bought it. Many people benefit from shopping at organizations that carry donated clothes at low prices. They may find a nice outfit to wear on an interview which would bring confidence to someone job hunting. No one has to tell any of us that the economy is tough. Let's help out and start the new year off on an organized foot!

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