Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pets Like Kids

Is it crazy to treat our pets like kids? - USATODAY.com
My answer to that question would be Nope! My beloved cocker spaniel was a loving companion in my life and was treated like my kid. My mom would send me a 'Mother's Day' card from the dog each year as a way to celebrate the day. When I call my friend who has a dog, I always ask how her dog is doing. To me, it's just like asking about someone's kids. Yep, pet owners are crazy about their pets who bring happiness & joy into their lives. I think it's wonderful to open the door when you arrive home from work and be greeted by your furry kids...that's priceless!

Credit: Free images from acobox.com


  1. I always thought that if I could raise my kids even half as well as I raised my dogs, they would turn out okay!

  2. Hello Galen, I bet and this story was spot on. Happy Holidays!