Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Did the kiddies wake early to see what Santa left under the tree? I bet lots of wrapping paper was left in the midst, but it's all good and the smiles on their faces is delightful. I bet the hints you were giving to family, friends and significant others were heard as you unwrapped your own gifts :-) For me, I called my Mom in Indiana and while we were talking, my brother in Orlando called her. We hooked up a three-way call so we could all chat. It was wonderful and one thing about those calls is when all of us are talking at the same time. We just can't help it! I plan to watch some NBA games as the season has resumed.

Over on TBS, the holiday movie favorite A Christmas Story will be broadcast all day long. Watch to see if Ralphie gets the Red Ryder BB gun he wants so badly. With that, I'm off to enjoy good eats, games & movies.

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