Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Happy Sunday and it's cool & breezy with temps in the 60s today. A far cry from the near 90s last week and fall seems to want to make a comeback for the next few days. I guess the tank tops and shorts will get a break as I pulled back out my long sleeved tops and pants. The one nice thing is that it finally rained late last night. My poor grass was starting to sound crunchy :-) I gave my house plants a jolt of plant food last Sunday and they sure appreciated it. When I went around to water them today, I could tell it gave them a burst...I don't think it's my imagination.

I plan to watch more of the NBA playoff games this afternoon. Since the Atlanta Hawks were eliminated by the Chicago Bulls last week, I've got to root for another team. I'll choose soon! I am delighted to have my laptop up and running again. I can't thank my neighbor enough for all the work he put into fixing it. I didn't want to ask him at first because I wasn't sure just how much work would go into it. When I went to pick it up last Sunday, he was giddy with excitement that my laptop was back working. He received his Bachelor's degree in IT about a year ago and was glad to be putting all the knowledge to use as he put it. I'm happy indeed!

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