Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

The day is shaping up to be just that...Fabulous! I say shaping up because we finally got some rain in Atlanta late yesterday and it was stormy. The sun has been peeking through the clouds and the temps are warming. I bet lots of people took today off from work to get a jump start on the long holiday weekend ahead. If you are one of them, enjoy all you have planned for the day. I am sure cookouts are part of the weekend as many prepare to host or attend a few.

I see the gas prices have come down a little just in time for those planning to hit the road for the Memorial Day holiday to visit family, friends, or beach getaway. If this will be a staycation holiday for you, make the most of it by finding free events to attend like festivals where you can pack a picnic basket, blanket, and cool beverage to enjoy the sights and sounds.

If you've been invited to a backyard cookout, ask the host what you can bring. Prepare your fave dish or stop by the store to pick something up. Here's a cool idea ->bring a 12-24 pack of bottled water to put in their cooler so everyone stays hydrated while outside in the sunny heat. I am sure whatever you decide to bring, it will be greatly appreciated.

Well, I'm ready to check some things off my to-do list and writing this blog post is one of them. Hey, have a Fab Friday!