Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hope your weekend is off to a great start. The warm temps finally returned to Atlanta after starting the week off on a chilly note. I am planning a day out and about visiting shops around town. I have a plant that my neighbor gave me which she calls "chicks." The plant is quite unusual because you keep it outside even in the winter months and stop watering it during this time too. The planter is full of these chicks and it's time to pull some out to make room for more to grow. Hey, I dig it! I spent a few hours with my gal pal yesterday and went to see her new booth at a neighboring antique store. She used to own an antique store in our town, but closed it at the end of last year. She really has a knack for displaying her items in a neat way and I hope she gets lots of buys from shoppers. We had lots of fun! It's a beautiful day to either wash the car or drive through a car wash. I'm thinking the latter idea. Check out the YouTube video on my blog today of the 70s classic that everybody was spinning back in the day. Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who visited my blog this week and became followers. I truly appreciate your comments and kindness. I have visited and followed some new blogs too and hope to see everyone again soon. Have a Happy Weekend!

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