Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Sunny Sunday

The day can only be described as Super Sunny Sunday in Atlanta, say that 3 times fast :-) I am hoping you are experiencing the same weather today and for the entire weekend. I'm just basking in all the glorious sun as I prepare to plant a few begonias I bought yesterday at a really good price at Home Depot. The place was crowded with lots of shoppers in the garden center. It was delightful to walk around and peek at the shopping carts of items people were buying. One lady had two small trees with yellow flowers on them. I should have stopped and asked the name of them, Bummer. I have one planter that is empty and I'm glad to finally get my fave flowers to fill it up. My neighbor has a big gardening project going on right now. We chatted a few minutes ago before I started this blog post and she mentioned all she plans to do. I can't wait to step back out later to see how it's coming along. I hope everyone is enjoying the day with family and friends. I cannot think of a better way for fellowship, good eats, and laughter than with loved ones. After last week's devastating tornadoes and the lives lost, it's even more important to spend time with others. If you are not able to be there in person, a phone call is just as nice. Be Blessed!

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