Friday, June 15, 2012

Shake, Rattle & Roll TGIF

Hi everybody, I'm feeling giddy on TGIF and ready to shake, rattle & roll the to-do list. Let's meet at the finish line;-) The weather is simply beautiful in Atlanta. I bet many of you are either heading out-of-town for Father's Day weekend or maybe dad lives in the same city. It will be a fun time!

I have a few items to wrap up today. One of them is the possible writing assignment for another blogging site. I need to read over the specifics, but appreciate the chance to showcase my writing skills. I can truly say that my own personal blog has lead to more opportunities like this one.

Since becoming a freelance writer and blogger, keeping an eye out for writing, editing and blogging work is key to gaining experience and name recognition. Check out my latest post on OliveCocoMag, the online magazine where I am one of their 2012 Summer Contributors in the Fitness + Nutrition category. I'm hustling baby!

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