Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tidy Up Tips

Here are a few tidy up tips that are especially helpful when putting your home on the market for sale. Some homeowners are asking to do "short sales" by their mortgage company so having a well-kept home is key to a faster sale. Plus, these are great tips in general around the house.

Summer Flowers
--->Clean the ceiling fan blades of dust and grime with soapy water.
--->If walls don't need a full paint job, use touch up paint to remove any stray marks.
--->Remove clutter from both the kitchen and bathroom counter tops for a neater look.
--->Make sure live household plants are watered and not wilted.
--->Keep the lawn mowed and hedges trimmed, plus repaint the shutters if the color has faded.

The "Under Contract" sign won't be too far away!

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