Saturday, June 30, 2012

Night Owl Specials

EmoticonI came across some interesting things and just thought I would share them before you catch those zzz's and for those night owls who may still be up;-)

Several months back, I mentioned in a blog post about twin brothers Kais and Mazin Shammas from the UK who are singer/songwriters on a path in the music industry. They were born and raised in London and go by the name BRITROYAL. They posted on Facebook that they have a new website so I checked it out and its loaded with lots of information from videos, photos, and music of course. Check them out!

Lastly, head over to one of my favorite websites called Bit Rebels. I am Facebook friends with the Founder and CEO of Bit Rebels who also writes fantastic posts. He's super geeky and he knows it. They cover technology, social media, and other geeky stuff. All the writers on Bit Rebels create great posts like this one about the Leafy Tunnel of Love located in the Ukraine ~this is a must-see;-)

Good night you night owls and that includes me!

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