Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garage sale earns extra cash

Have you marked the summer vacation trip on the calendar yet? As plans take shape, so will the budgeting for gas, hotel, food, entertainment and more. Here's a way to earn some extra cash for the trip.

Plan a weekend to have a garage sale. I know it's a lot of work getting everything organized to sell, but it is worth the effort. Don't go it alone, get the kids involved and maybe ask a neighbor if they want to go in with you and sell some of their things.

The economy has many people out and about especially on the weekends looking for garage sales. There might be a city ordinance on placing signs around so don't overdo it. Just make sure to post one at the entrance to your subdivision. Plus, some colorful helium balloons tied to the mailbox post at your house is  welcoming.

When having a garage sale, price the items to sell. People are looking for bargains and some may talk you down on a particular piece. Go ahead and bag it up as sold. The whole idea behind a garage sale is to try and sell items you no longer want and to make some extra cash. Go a lot of jeans, price them for a $1.

The only thing you want to bring back inside is the empty table that displayed all those good buys. Have fun!


  1. Lots of garage sales in the neighborhood. My daughters love them, but I am trying to clean out things, not bring more things in--ha!

    1. It's a great time to have one with the warm weather. I enjoy them too and the bargains you can find. Happy clean out!