Monday, June 4, 2012

Work from Home Tip

The school year has ended not only for the youngsters in the house, but college-aged kids are home for the summer. With the tough job market, hopefully teens and college students can find summer work to earn money for summer stuff and saving for books when returning to campus in the fall.

EmoticonLet me add that the kids can take the dog for his/her walk in case you're knee deep in a project now that they're home.

If you work, run a business, or freelance from home, the quiet atmosphere you had while the kids were in school during the day has probably changed now that school is out. With that in mind, make sure to try and keep the noise level and barking at bay when talking with clients and conducting business on the phone.

If you were used to working in an open area while everyone was away during the day, you might want to go back to using the home office with the door closed. A professional environment at home is key to more business opportunities and referrals.

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