Friday, July 15, 2011

TGIF is Peachy Keen

Hello everyone and hope your Friday is off to a great start. It's so nice to welcome cooler temps in Atlanta today. The heatwave earlier this week was brutal. I would normally be pretty bummed out with a sky full of clouds on Friday, but not so this time around. I welcome it! I bought some fresh peaches at the store yesterday and just sliced one up to go with my coffee and toast. Just the perfect light brunch to give me a jolt of energy to finish this blog post and other stuff :=) The food prices are still high on everything. Although I did snag a good price on cucumbers at $.48 cents each, I bought two. We are all finding ways to stretch our dollars and pinch pennies. Keep those coupons with you for extra savings when you spot a deal. Well, time to eat more of that yummy peach. My energy is up and I feel peachy keen!

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  1. I have relatives in Memphis, and I know it has been hot! Glad you have a little relief.

  2. Hello Galen, it truly has been a relief today from the heat. Have a great weekend!