Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Healthy Tidbit ->Tomatoes

Hello, I know we are all looking forward to a Wonderful Wednesday. I think the word on the street is that I love tomatoes. I don't mind this news getting out because it's true :-) I remember some time ago when the price of tomatoes were super high, but the prices have come down a bit. I know my dinner salads were screaming for more, but I had to dice them sparingly. My oh my have things changed. I haven't had to buy tomatoes from the store in weeks. Several of my friends have plenty from their gardens and more than enough to share. I have probably mentioned this before, but the garden-grown veggies are simply the best and taste so fresh. My kitchen windowsill has a constant pop of red from the line of ripening tomatoes. Their nutritional value includes vitamins C & A along with antioxidants like lycopene for cancer-fighting. So keep tomatoes in your kitchen and add them to everything.

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