Friday, July 29, 2011

TGIF is Hot Stuff!

I hope the day is off to a nice start. It's almost noon and it's been a busy morning catching up on emails, news and reading blogs which I love to do. I admit that I was kind of in a funk at the beginning of the week, but got my groove back and have been productive. The day is simply gorgeous and there's a slight summer breeze coming through the windows, feels good. One of my friend's stopped by awhile ago. She was on her way to run errands, but wanted to drop off a few things. We both like to stir-fry so she had a couple cloves of garlic that will add some yummy goodness. My friend likes Tabasco hot sauce and puts it on everything. She brought me a bottle of cayenne pepper sauce that someone had given to her and thought I might give it a try. The name on the bottle reads Cowboy Cayenne and I'm already thinking it's going to be some hot stuff. I better make sure to have a tall glass of water nearby. Giddy Up!


  1. Maybe a pitcher of water. I must say you are making me hungry!

  2. Yep, a pitcher of water is just what I needed after dashing the Cowboy Cayenne on my dinner salad. It's hot stuff indeed. Hope you enjoyed a yummy meal :)