Monday, March 21, 2011

Healthy Jolt of Vitamin C

We've all read and heard that it's so important to get Vitamin C into our healthy living especially in the wintertime to fight colds and flu. Now that spring has sprung, it's still just as important to continue getting Vitamin C in the springtime too. I love all those lovely blooms of spring, but not the pollen season that comes with it. Be ready by getting an extra punch of Vitamin C each day with oranges. Grab several at the grocery or market and cut them into quarters. Pack an orange in your lunch and keep a small bowl of them in the refrigerator for easy grab and go snack. Stay Refreshed & Healthy!


  1. Thanks cynthia! You make sense..Vitamin C is still needed when spring arrives. I am so excited for spring but it sucks how its allergy season. Hopefully it will be a great season =)

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  2. Hi Melody, the pollen really gets me every spring. You know I'll be stopping by your blog to see the gorgeous jewelery :-)