Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is Here

Spring officially begins today and I'm in a springtime mood. The temps aren't quite so springlike in Atlanta like yesterday, it's a bit cloudy. The skies are brightening and I think the sun will try it's best to peek out. I saw the Supermoon last night and it was just that...Super! I stood outside for awhile watching and then kept peering through the blinds. I hope many of you got the chance to see this incredible sight since it won't happen again until 2016. I am really into the NCAA Tournament and plan to watch some games this afternoon. Here's a tidbit about Me ->I played high school basketball, but wasn't a starter. I pretty much came off the bench especially when we were ahead. My real game was volleyball where I lettered and had an awesome serve :-)

Back to spring, I am ready to plant my fave flowers: petunias and begonias. I spent time yesterday getting my containers ready. Well, enjoy your Sunday and the start of the spring season.

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