Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exercising with Fido

I read stories around the internet the last few weeks about pets being overweight. Our dogs and cats can surely pack on the pounds if we are not careful with their eating and exercise. The winter months are usually the time when us humans gain weight due to the colder weather and the inability to get outside for our usual walking/running routines. Now that the weather is starting to warm up in certain areas, we all can start back walking more along with the family pet. As a former dog owner, I remember the rainy days and not being able to take walks with my cocker spaniel (I sure miss him). I know many of you probably get socked in with snow during the winter and this really can damper getting outside for several days. If the weather is starting to shape up, grab the leash and head out with Fido for some much-needed exercise. Better yet, head to a dog park and take along their favorite ball or frisbee to throw and retrieve. All that running will be great exercise for both of you. Also, remember to have plenty of water on hand to replenish you and your furry friend. Go Get the Ball!


  1. Yea I agree with you. I can't wait till spring time to go on walks!!!

    - Melody -

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  2. Sounds great and walking is the best exercise. With the weather changing and longer time in the evenings before dark is an even more super.