Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Quick & Healthy Snacks

As someone who likes to eat healthy, I do have a weakness for potato chips. You too, I don't feel so bad now :-) Overall, I do try to eat healthy snacks and wanted to share 3 of my favorites:
--->Top saltine crackers with peanut butter & jelly
--->Spread mustard on one slice of bread, cut into quarters, and top with slice of cucumber (add some pepper for seasoning if you want)
--->Cut up your fave fruit or a few carrot sticks and spread slices with cream cheese or hummus, Yum!


  1. I am exactly the same! I always give in when it comes to chips. But, hmmm these are some yummy and healthy snacks! Thanks Cynthia, hopefully one of these 3 snacks will help me out =)

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  3. Hi Melody ->They sure come in handy especially before mealtimes. Thanks for your comment. I need to follow you over on Facebook - I have on bloglovin. Congrats on the success of your new blog :-)