Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All Things Springy!

Hello to the 1st of March and I'm feeling springy. The sky is full of sunshine which sure helps get this day off to the best start ever. Of course, the usual bills have to be paid and they were waving from their kept spot saying "time to pay us." I'm just kidding, but it's a task we all will be doing in the coming days.

There were some unseasonable temperatures in Atlanta last month and truly got many of us thinking springtime. Now that March is here, I look forward to stepping up my walking exercise in the neighborhood. I think a new pair of sneaks might be in order so I will need to check for sales. I bet some of you are excited about playing in the dirt again with gardening. It won't be long before those beautiful ceramic and clay pots can be filled with flowering blooms. Oh, don't let me forget about grilling out on the patio. It still might be a bit cool, but soon the grill cover can come off and the sizzle and aroma of chicken, burgers, and veggies will be what's up for dinner.

Here's to the beginning of a new month and all things springy!

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