Friday, April 23, 2010

TGIF and Why I Love It!

I have to admit that when my day starts on Friday, it just gives me a sense that I've made it to the end the week. My whole attitude is even more positive and upbeat.

I like to use Friday as a day to review projects that I began at the beginning of the week and to reflect on what I have accomplished. I don't fret too much on those unfinished tasks, but make plans to put those projects on a first-come basis for the next week. I love to-do lists and make them everyday. I get much more done and stay focused when I write assignments down. I also like to see the check marks on my list showing a project is completed. I am sure you may feel the same way with having to juggle work, family, and extracurricular activities. Trying to remember everything is just memory overload so why not keep a running list.

As my activities for Friday move along, I allow myself time in the afternoon to knock off from work-related things. I enjoy stopping by the local antique shops and browsing for bargains, picking up more flowers at the garden center for some weekend planting, or splurging on a cup of coffee at a coffeehouse and sitting outside to enjoy it.

If the Friday traffic in your city is anything like mine, I can tell that others like to take off early to get their weekend started. Make your Friday a great day!

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