Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Early Days of Savings

Here is a lesson story I think you will enjoy about my early days of saving and the beginnings of a frugal lifestyle. I imagine it dates back to my childhood. Isn't that where it all begins in a person's life. Seriously, I know my parents had a lot to do with my saving habits. I enjoyed a very nice upbringing growing up in the Midwest. I would come home from school and get started on my homework along with watching my favorite program, Gilligan's Island. I remember my dad would arrive home and ask, "have you finished your homework" because he knew how much I enjoyed this show and might be putting it off.

One day while my mom and I were out shopping, I saw a pink and white bike with a basket attached to the handle bars in the store. My eyes lit up and I just had to have that bike. My mom was ready to buy it, but I said, let's go home and ask dad first. When we did, he said I would need to save for half the bike and they would pay the rest. I thought for sure we could head right back to the store and buy the bike straightaway. The challenge was on and I started saving my allowance to come up with my half. My Barbie doll collection took a hit because I did not buy anymore outfits or anything else with my allowance. I would count my money as I added to my savings and just smile because I was getting closer to my half. I recall that my mom and I went back to the store several times and I would always go to the bike section to see if it was still there, and it was just waiting on me to buy it.

Long story short, I saved the money and got the bike. I wish I could remember just how much the bike costs, but keep in mind this was the 1970's so it probably was not that expensive. I appreciated the lesson on saving for what you want and how much more you appreciate it in the end. At least this was my takeaway.

I am still that girl who saves money in order to buy things I want and will forgo what's not necessary. Cash is King, or maybe that should read Queen.

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