Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 Mid-Week Chores to Free Up Time

I have always used my Saturdays as the day to do all my household chores. Then I started to realize how much time it was taking up on the weekend for other things I might want to do like meet friends for day of shopping, spending time at the local park, or catching a mid-day movie. So I began to do some of my weekend chores mid-week and chose Wednesday which seems about right. I felt a sense of relief once the weekend rolled around that I did not have to spend hours during housework and could plan more activities.

Here are just 3 household chores that you can do mid-week:

1. Load of Laundry: How about doing a load of whites or colors, maybe even the comforter from your bed. Toss in area rugs that need cleaning from in/out foot traffic.

2. Furniture Dusting: Look around your rooms at the coffee table, bookshelves, entertainment center, or dressers. Break out the furniture polish and dust them off. This task can take up a lot of time when you have to remove the items, dust, and replace everything. The fresh smell and look will be very satisfying.

3. Yard Work/Gardening: Break out the lawn mower, weed eater and cut the grass mid-week instead of waiting until Saturday. Do some gardening by planting flowers and laying down pine straw. I bet your neighbors will take note when they see you loading your golf clubs in the car and heading to the greens while they are cranking up their mowers. What gives!

These are just a few ideas and I am sure you will have more chores of your own that can be done mid-week. Get ready to plan more fun things for Saturday now that you have more free time. Enjoy!

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