Friday, April 30, 2010

Cool Ways to Shop Frugal

I think you will agree that weekend plans involve some form of shopping probably more for groceries as you plan for the week ahead. Here are some cool ways to shop frugal that don't involve pushing a shopping cart.

1. Garage/Yard Sales: These have become my favorite thing to do on Saturdays. I have stumbled upon signs out on Fridays as people get a jump start on the bargain hunters. I find some interesting items at these sales and the prices are really good. You may find that piece of furnishing that will fit nicely in your decor. If you are handy, this will be the best find and a future weekend project for you.

2. Consignment Shops: There are several consignment shops in my city that I stop by frequently to see what's new. As the fall/winter items have moved out and spring/summer is in, you can find some great bargains at these stores. Start thinking about upcoming travel for Memorial Day, July 4th, or week-long summer vacations and clothing you will need for your trips. I find lots of shorts, t-shirts, capri pants, etc. that are in very good shape and the prices can't be beat. Why spend lots of money on fancy new clothes when everyone will be enjoying bumming out on the sandy beaches.

3. In-Store Sale Fliers: Don't forget to check your favorite store fliers before their weekly sales end which is usually on Saturday. I find lots of coupons and deals in these weekly fliers and always make sure I don't miss out on the sales.

Hope you find great bargains while shopping. And remember, Frugal is Cool!

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