Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easy Ways to Get A Handle on Clutter

It seems clutter can take over our lives and we start to think we'll never get it under control. Here are some easy ways to get a handle on all that stuff:

1. Paperwork: Use manila folders with tabs and place paperwork in each folder. Label the tab with a Sharpie pen of the contents inside. For instance, car repair receipts, home insurance policies, etc. This makes for an easy way to go right to that folder that is clearly marked when you are looking for information.

2. Donate It: Take a look around your closet and ask yourself "how long has it been since I wore that piece?" If you answer, a year ago or longer, it's time to take it off the rack and donate it. With the economy being tough these days, more people are shopping at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other places where they can find inexpensive clothing.

3. Garage Space: The garage is a great place for storing things, but I have always enjoyed being able to park my car inside it. Now is the time to organize this space by investing in shelving, bins, and hooks. Use the hooks to place bikes, lawn rakes, etc. on the wall. Use that Sharpie pen to label the bins so that you will know what's inside when looking for an item later. I just love the five shelf storage units that you can purchase from your local home improvement store at reasonable costs. Schedule the garage clean over the weekend when you have time to devote several hours each day. Just think how nice it will be to pull up to your garage door, hit the opener, and drive your car inside especially if it's raining. The paint job on your car will last longer too!

4. The Refrigerator: You might wonder why the refrigerator is part of clutter. Well, a lot of food like leftovers, takeout can get pushed back in the refrigerator when new food is added. All of a sudden, you find the frig is full of stuff that is no longer being eaten. Furthermore, you may not remember when it was prepared. To keep a clean and fresh refrigerator, purge food after a few days especially when it's close to trash pickup day. Also, add a box of baking soda in the frig to help keep smells at bay. The same purge should be applied to the freezer section as well.

I hope this was helpful and that you will get a jump start on living a clutter-less life!

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